Scientific programme

ISN 2022 will now take place online on 27 – 28 January 2022. Please visit The Nutrition Society website to see the programme and register to attend.


09:30 Opening Ceremony 

09:40 Plenary Lecture One
What do we mean by sustainable urban food systems?
Nicolas Bricas 

10:20 Break in Programme 

Symposium One 
Better understanding urban nutrition and health problems and understanding their cause 

10:30 Non-communicable diseaes and the urban environment

11:00 Contaminants in urban diets and practices 
      Cecilia Tacoli 

11:30 Contaminants in urban diets and practices 
       Dr Jill Edmonson 

12:00 Break in Programme 

Symposium Two 
Urban food policy

14:30 Urbanisation and food transition: what role for urban policies? 
      Corinna Hawkes

15:00 Milan urban food policy pact: what is it and what is done in nutrition? 
      Yota Nicolarea

15:30 Break in Programme 

Symposium Three 
Urban food policy experiences 

15:45 Alternative food systems for urban food security 
       Dr Christian Reynolds

16:15 Synergistic action of health professionals and urban planners to promote physical activity
      Helene Charreire 

16:45 Community gardens: a tool for improving lifestyles sustainability?
      Marion Tharrey

17:15 Break in Programme 

Plenary Lecture Two 
17:30 Can we change consumer behaviours? The installation theory 
      Saadi Lahlou 

18:10 Close of Day 


Plenary Lecture Three 

08:30 Impact of dietary habits on climate change and land use 
      Professor Jennie Macdiarmid

09:10 Break in Programme 

Symposium Four 
Urban food policies issues dealing with nutrition and health 

09:30 What governance for urban nutrition policies: sectoral or intersectoral?
     What kind of citizen participation? 
      Jessica Halliday
10:00 Towards a regulation of food advertising? 
      Dr Alison Tedstone
10:30 New food policies against food insecurity and poverty in France
      Virginie Lasserre

11:00 Break in Programme 

     Plenary Lecture Four 

13:00 Urban food spaces for nutrition and health 
      Caroline Mejean

13:40 Closing Remarks 
13:45 Close of Conference